Korean reporter shoved to the ground by man in hockey mask while broadcasting live in New York

A Korean reporter was shoved to the ground by a man during a live broadcast on Friday night (Mar 3) in New York. 

CeFaan Kim, a W-ABC reporter, was approached by a man wearing a white hockey mask while reporting on an attempted rape, according to Koreaboo

The man can be seen putting his arm around the reporter and gesturing to the camera, before it pans up. When the camera pans back down, CeFaan and the man can be seen confronting one another before the man pushes him to the ground.

After the altercation, people can be seen trying to prevent the two of them from getting close to one another. 

CeFaan then took to Twitter and Facebook on Sunday morning (Mar 5), appealing to people who knew the man to report him to the police. 

The man was later identified as Key Jonta Foster, a musician who goes by the stage name of "Majesty Da Rebel". 

In an interview with the New York Post on Sunday (Mar 5), the man said that he did it to promote his musical career. 

He said, "The reason I did it was because I knew I'd get negative feedback from it.

"I saw an opportunity and took the opportunity to promote my video and mixed tape, From the beginning, it was friendly -- I put my arm around him, and then he pushed me, grabbed me."

Foster also proudly posted about the incident on Instagram.

CeFaan has since filed a police report, and the New York Post reported that the police are looking to talk to Foster.