Korean mother loses 40kg after pregnancy by eating 6 small portions of food daily

A Korean mother managed to rewind the effects of pregnancy on her body by adopting a strict exercise and diet plan daily for 10 months.

Park Jee Won, a former fitness and yoga instructor, reportedly gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. By the end of her pregnancy, she ended up weighing 86.6kg.

After giving birth to a baby girl, Park decided to implement a rigorous exercise routine and adhere to a strict diet to lose the weight she put on during her pregnancy. To lose 40kg in a short span of 10 months, Park gave up on eating rice, exercised and ate six small portions of food daily.

Photos of Park at the end of her diet showcase her defined abdominal muscles and 'jjang' body.

Netizens who commented on the post praised the mother for her discipline and some even poked fun at themselves for not being able to repeat the similar feat.

One netizen said:

"Hope I can do the same but rice is life!"

To doubters, Park revealed she had lost all her weight through exercise and diet alone, and she never once did turn to plastic surgery.