Korean idol agency refutes miss A’s Suzy’s ties to Thai plastic surgery clinic after photos were used in advertisements without permission

A Thai plastic surgery clinic has gotten into hot soup following allegations that it was using miss A’s Suzy’s photos in an advertisement without permission. 

The advertisement in question allegedly featured Suzy, and further insinuated that the 22-year-old singer might have gone under the knife, with the copy reading below:

““Eyes + Nose – Promotion for 150,000 baht”

JYP Entertainment, the agency that manages miss A has issued an official statement, stating:

“Suzy has not made any deals with a plastic surgery agency.

“We are looking into the situation and discussing possible methods of retaliation.”

The image featured in the advertisement was lifted from an old Swarovski photo shoot, reports Koreaboo via AsiaOne

Take a look at the advertisement in the gallery, which also features photos of other Korean idols. 

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