Korean husband turns home into 'convenience store' for pregnant wife

Don't you just wish you had one too?

A Korean husband became the talk of the town after photos of a gift he made for his pregnant wife went viral on Wednesday (Apr 5), according to Allkpop.

His wife, Lee Yoo Jung, said that her husband made a mini convenience store in their home for her because he was worried she wouldn't have anything to eat while he was at work. 

In the photos she uploaded onto social media, red shelves can be seen packed with instant noodles, biscuits, sweets and drinks. 

The snack lover said:

"Honestly, I really liked it but I told him he was wasting money.

"He told me to stop nagging because he did it with the money that smokers would use for buying cigarettes."

Her post has since gotten more than 20,000 likes on social media.