Korean actress Lee Tae-im admits to extreme diet of eating only 3 spoons of rice a day

The Korea Herald / Asia News Network
Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017

Actress Lee Tae-im admitted she has been on an extreme diet since comparing her body shape with other actresses during a photo shoot.

Lee appeared on Tuesday’s episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star” and said she has been eating only three spoons of rice a day for six months, explaining that was how she was able to maintain her slender figure.

The actress, previously known for her curves and healthy image, appeared starkly different in the program, with a thinner figure.

Lee said she shot an ad for a water park shortly after she had gained 4 kilograms while filming “Special Investigation Units” in 2011.

“I did the photo shoot with actress Park Han-byul and Lee Chae-young, who showed up with perfectly toned bodies,” Lee said.

“I became ashamed of my body and was embarrassed to stand next to them. I got so upset that I cried,” she added.

As other guests on the program expressed their concern that the extreme diet could harm her health, Lee said she would increase the amount of rice from three spoons to six spoons per day.

Some online commenters have noted on Lee’s recent Instagram photos that the actress’s extremely slender figure is making her look ill, rather than fit.