K-pop girl group begs CEO for food during variety show

Like it or not, a slim figure is an essential part to being a k-pop idol, and dieting is often a part of the fitness regime implemented by companies on their stars.

Newly debuted k-pop girl group Cosmic Girls are feeling the heat, as resources are scarce among a big group like theirs. 

Recently, while attending a variety show ‘Knowing Brother’, the girl group even resorted to pleading with their CEO on air  for the most basic of necessities — regular meals, a ‘luxury’ that most idols do not receive, reports Koreaboo

The group also shared with the MC that they did not have high expectations; with the busy schedules and the pressure of maintaining a glamorous appearance, coupled with dwindling funds, it is often a challenge for them to take care of their health. 

Despite that Cosmic Girls understand that their job is a difficult one, but hope that they may schedule regular meal periods. 

Watch the video below. 

Their request begins at 30:45.