Japanese restaurant employee poisoned by manager -- for skiving off work

If you’ve ever felt that your bosses are horrible, rejoice in the fact that you are not alone.

In an harrowing encounter, a Japanese part-time restaurant employee almost died after getting poisoned by his boss -- for slacking off at work, reports World of Buzz

The 30-year-old manager planted highly toxic seeds of the datura plant, more commonly known as Devil’s Trumpet into a bowl of rice for his unsuspecting employee. 

Side effects of ingesting the seeds include amnesia, delirium, and exceedingly dilated pupils, which would cause severe pain even under normal lights.

Apparently, the manager had chanced upon knowledge of the seeds' effects online and placed an order online. 

The employee ate the seeds as planned, and woke up delirious the next day.

He was hospitalised and took an entire week to recover from the adverse effects. 

During his absence from work, the owner of the restaurant became suspicious and went over to the the victim’s house to investigate his sudden leave.

It was then the manager confessed that he poisoned the employee. 

The shocking revelation prompted the owner to report the case, and the culprit was arrested.

After confessing to the crimes, he was sentenced to three years of probation.