Jacqueline Wong's shocking reply to fans hoping to see Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong together

After the high profile spilt between Natalie Tong and Tony Hung earlier this week, many fans were left crushed.

However amidst the sadness, some fans have voiced their desire to see Natalie hooking up with close friend Kenneth Ma. 

Natalie and Kenneth have been close friends for years, a topic that often leads to rumours of romance between the two. 

While Natalie was dating Tony, there were even rumours that Kenneth was attempting to intervene.

Kenneth and Tony, being sporty, played along with the rumours, telling the fans that they were ‘love rivals’. 

Now that Natalie is single again, many of the ‘KenNat’ shippers have resurfaced, despite Kenneth reportedly going on dates with actress Jacqueline Wong, reports Jayne Stars

During an event on Friday (May 19), when asked if she would be jealous if Kenneth asks Natalie out, Jacqueline replied:

“Why would I be jealous?

“If I am, then I am not a good woman. 

“I do understand where the fans are coming from, but fiction and reality are two very different things.”