Instagram model makes $16k per post: Here's how she does it

Do you wish you could just earn money simply from posting to social media?

Well, that is how several influencers get by and they can earn more than five times what normal people earn in a year.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald via Viral Thread, many of Australia's top influencers can earn up to AUD $15,000 ($16,000) per post.

They are comfortably earning a six figure annual salary and some are even earning more than a million dollars a year.

Sjana Elise Earp, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, shared the secret to earning big bucks on the social media platform.

She said:

”When I was in year 10, I went through a rough patch with depression and had a few stays in psychiatric wards. I dropped out of school at the end of that year. I did a Certificate III in fitness training and studied photojournalism, but stopped my studies because I started to earn an income through Instagram.

“I used Instagram for self-expression and as a creative outlet, then I was asked to photograph an event in Perth. That job led to me being invited to Bali as an influencer for a yoga retreat. If someone sees your content and they like it, they’ll invite you somewhere else."

She never set out to become an influencer and owes her success to "timing, luck and passion".

She initially used Instagram as an outlet for her mental health issues.

Followers started accepting her for being open about her feelings and three years ago she was approached by an agency that wanted to manage her.

"My reaction was, ‘What? Really? I could get paid for doing this?'”

“I don’t do sponsored posts if I don’t use the brand or product myself, and I limit myself a lot more than many other influencers because it works better for my personal brand. It’s good to come forward and acknowledge when you have been sponsored.”

“I have a contract with yoga wear brand Alo Yoga. I became an ambassador for them because it’s my favourite yoga brand anyway. As your following grows, opportunities grow and so does the price tag associated with posts. It’s a very spontaneous life. I don’t know what’s next but I do know how lucky I am to do what I do.”