Indian woman fatally shoots husband, stuffs body into suitcase -- because he was too poor

A woman in Mohali, India shot her husband dead and stuffed his 1.9 metre tall body in a suitcase and left it inside his own BMW on Mar 18.

Seerat Kaur confessed to murdering her husband Ekam Singh Dhillion with an unlicensed gun that belonged to him.

"There used to be arguments between us and he also beat me up at times, following which I used to remain under stress," she was reported as saying.

However, their homeowner named Manoj Kumar said that he had never seen the couple arguing, reports Malaysian Digest.

"He used to leave for his work around 10 am and return at 6pm or 7pm. He was a nice person. He always used to drop his kids to school," he said.

Ekam's father had suspected something was wrong when he called his son and asked him why he looked depressed.

"Ekam started crying. He told me that he had not eaten food for the last two days. Ekam added that he was too scared of Seerat as she and her mother Jaswinder Kaur had been threatening him with dire consequences," said Jaspal Singh.

"She was always pressuring Ekam to earn more money," Jaspal told Chandigarh Newsline.

"She did not let him settle in any job or business. 

"He was doing well in tea estates in Assam, but after the marriage, she forced him to leave the job and start his own business. 

"She always wanted to lead a lavish lifestyle. He started his stone crushers but she was yet not happy.

"I cannot say what could be the exact motive behind killing Ekam, but I am sure that Seerat, her brother and mother have done it.”

Seerat gathered the help of her brother and his friend to dispose of her husband's body and to dump it into a canal.

Local police confirmed other suspects in the case were her mother and two other relatives.