"I will rape you!": Malaysian street vendor hurls vulgarities and threatens to sexually assault competitor

Netizens are up in arms after a video of a Malaysian street vendor hurling vulgarities and threatening to sexually assault a female competitor became viral recently.

The video was uploaded onto Sosej Sambal Facebook page on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) and the incident allegedly took place along LDP highway near Sri Damansara, Selangor in Malaysia, reports The Coverage

It showed a man who flew into rage when he realised that the woman was a competitor, swearing and even threatening to rape her -- in the presence of his female partner. 

Apparently, the male vendor and his partner had been operating at said venue for a long time before the new competitor came along.

His female companion only added fuel to the fire, saying that  she was hurt by the ‘newbie’ who decided to sell drinks even after realising that there was already another vendor operating there. 

Many netizens have encouraged the victim to lodge a police report and put an end to the thuggish behaviour of the man and his partner. 

Others commented that the woman should have at least introduced herself to the vendor, instead of being oblivious and insensitive to the feelings of her neighbour. 

Watch the video here.