Hundreds of needy feast on leftovers from Oscars -- thanks to Freida Pinto

Hundreds of needy people got to feast on leftovers from the Oscar’s after-party menu this year, thanks to the actress Freida Pinto and Copia, a San Francisco-based company that uses technology to reduce waste and feed communities in need.

According to an Instagram post from Pinto, Copia and her worked with some of the most popular Oscar after-parties to deliver this year’s leftover food --- including appetisers, desserts and salmon dishes --- to various Los Angeles communities in need, reports Mashable via AsiaOne

Among the donations are food from the exquisite Governor’s Ball after-party, a feast which has been prepared for the last twenty three years by celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck. 

The feast included everything from potatoes with caviar, braised short ribs, chicken pot pie, Oscar-shaped matzo crackers with smoked salmon, gold-dusted popcorn and more.

Pinto told Vanity Fair in February that a ‘no food waste’ initiative was one of her main perks as an Academy member:

“Our aim is to ensure that no one goes hungry in our film and TV town of Los Angeles by recovering leftover foods from all of our big parties and events.”

Jackie Kelly, one of Puck’s executive chefs in charge of the Oscar party fare and execution said that Puck had been working with charity organisation, Chefs to End Hunger, for the past six years:

“Right around 11 at night, when we know it's starting to slow down, and the celebrities have moved on, we take a look at what we had left.”