Huge man with a larger heart: 27-year-old Malaysian man heads to Greece to cook for refugees

A 27-year-old Malaysian man, Rayyan Haries left everything behind and travelled to Greece, just to cook for the refugees there. 

Rayyan had been regularly volunteering at soup kitchens and food trucks across the Greek island of Lesvos, reports World of Buzz

According to Rayyan himself, he had started volunteering after he came across a picture of Alan Kurdi, a young Syrian boy who drowned while trying to cross the Aegean Sea to get to Greece from Turkey:

“He was as small as my nephew and I knew I needed to come to Greece.

 “Their war is our war because humanity exists as one.”

So far, Rayyan has been volunteering in Greece for over four years now and throughout his journey had faced and overcome many obstacles. 

Once, he was also trapped in Nepal, when a second earthquake struck.

Other than that, Rayyan also faced rejections many times when he asked to extend his visa to stay in the countries for a longer period. 

His parents, although hesitant to let their son venture so far out to help the needy, came to understand and support the meaningful work he does. 

Rayyan is currently still in Greece, where he is volunteering at Kara Tepe, a refugee reception at Lesvos. 

There, Rayyan bakes and makes soup for the refugees. 

The large man with a larger heart describes himself as a foodie and lives closely by his motto: ‘Food is hope.”

As such, he does all he can to provide food to those who require it the most. 

Ryyan’s noble actions have inspired founder and CEO of digaPictures, Pavlos Avagianos so much, that he decided to do a documentary on him.

Titled ‘Food is Hope’,  the documentary highlights Ryyan’s contributions.

Said Pavlos:

“I don’t know if you know this, but there is a Malaysian citizen named Rayyan Haries currently cooking for refugees here.”

Pavlos also shared that he had met Rayyan back in the village of SKala Skamnias while he was making soup by the sea for refugees who were arriving en masse every single day:

“The first thing I noticed when I saw him, was his big bright smile and the fact that he was always singing while cooking. 

“He gave us all the hope and courage!

“It’s very important for me and my colleagues to show the world that the volunteers who we often call heroes, are regular people, just like everyone else.

“If you meet him in person, you will be instantaneously charmed by his big bright smile and his positive outlook of life.

“He is incredibly positive, loving and just full of joy, which is why I decided to produce the documentary on him.”

Watch the documentary below.