HK star Aaron Kwok to marry model Moka Fang within three months

Heavenly King Aaron Kwok and model Moka Fang secretly filed a notice of intended marriage early this month and are expected to wed within three months of that date, said Apple Daily via The Straits Times on Monday (Mar 20). 

In the application, the 29-year-old Fang described herself as a fashion designer. Their relationship was made public in 2015.

Over the weekend, his manager, Leung May May, confirmed that the couple might wed this year. 

According to The Straits Times, she said, "There's a chance this plan will take place this year, and it's time, but I have no information at hand at the time. I hope you will give Aaron your blessing though."

Kwok is also currently busy with a new Monkey King movie, and will update her on his plans only after he finishes filming, she added.