Heartbroken Malaysian groom-to-be posts photos of wedding preparations after fiancee leaves him -- 3 weeks before the wedding

A Malaysian man, Ezrin, was left devastated when his bride-to-be decided to leave him 21 days prior to their wedding ceremony. 

The heartbroken man subsequently posted photos of the wedding preparations on his Twitter which have gone viral, reports World of Buzz

In one post, Ezrin said:

“I’ve wasted effort in keeping the relationship alive all this time, yet you chose to leave me, less than a month from our wedding.

“Thank you.” 

In another posting, Ezrin uploaded a photo of items and cardboard boxes, along with the caption:

“The preparation for our wedding has been completed, yet you chose to leave me.

“Here are all the wedding goodies meant for our wedding.”

However, some netizens have questioned the validity of Ezrin claim.

Said one netizen:

“We shouldn't come to a conclusion just yet.

“We don’t know what happened on the fiancee’s side.”