Heartbreaking images show how life is like for Indonesians living in huge rubbish dump

Having a roof over their heads is something that most Singaporeans take for granted.

For those who constantly complain about their living conditions, perhaps you should take a look what some families in Indonesia have to go through.

According to The Daily Mail, Bantar Gebang, the largest open landfill site in Southeast Asia, is where more than 3,000 families call home.

French photographer Alexandre Sattler made a trip down to the huge rubbish dump to document the appalling conditions that the families live in.

When he was there, he saw people searching for food and playing among the heaps of garbage.

Most of the dwellers, including children, live in makeshift shelters and have no access to medical care and drinking water.

Take a look at the heartbreaking photos he took in the gallery above.