Guangzhou winery owner woos owner of Japanese restaurant -- by working as a waiter

A Chinese winery owner decided to woo the woman of his dream -- by working as a waiter in her Japanese restaurant.

Ultimately, his efforts paid off, and the two became a couple, reports Lianhe Wanbao

According to the Chinese media, the man, who operates a winery in Guangzhou, fancied the owner, and frequented the restaurant ran by her. 

However, she did not reciprocate those feelings.

His friends advised him, telling him that it would be impossible to eat at the restaurant three times a day, and even if he could, he would soon get sick of it.

Coincidentally, the owner was looking for a waiter.

She had solely handled every aspect of the store's operation, but had been feeling overwhelmed as of late. 

Determined to win her heart, the man decided to take up the job she needed most. 

To his surprise, it worked. 

After working there for some time, the two became closer and finally became a couple.

The sweethearts intend to get hitched this year, although some sceptical citizens have commented:

"If he was just an ordinary dish washer, he would have never stood a chance."