Grandma uses LV bag granddaughter gifted her to buy fresh fish

Be careful when you gift designer items to others.

If they don't realise that is a designer item, they might just end up coming up with unexpected uses for it.

Take this Taiwanese girl for example. Being a filial granddaughter, she bought her grandmother a classic Louis Vuitton (LV) bag, the Neverfull.

She described what happened after that in a hilarious social media post, reports World Of Buzz.

On her subsequent visit, she saw her grandmother waving at her, with the expensive bag filled with groceries and fresh fish.

Her grandmother excitedly told her that the bag was very good as it is waterproof, though slightly heavy.

She then told her granddaughter that she would cook a nice meal, using the groceries in the bag, for the two of them.

Though she was secretly thinking about pointing out that it was a designer bag, she decided not to after seeing how happy her grandmother was.

She explained in her post that the meal her grandmother cooked her was delicious, and she told the elderly woman to take the bag for all her other shopping trips.

She ended her post by saying, “No wonder LV bag has such a good reputation, it can last really long and is very durable!”

Netizens were amused by how the elderly woman had discovered that LV bags are waterproof.

They also pointed out that the woman would probably be the most fashionable one at the market.