Gordon Ramsay 'severs hand' in front of horrified live audience

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most prominent celebrity chefs ever -- so it is unlikely that he screws up or encounters a mishap in the kitchen.

However, that is exactly what seemed to happen on the The Nightly Show, presented by Frank Skinner.

The 50-year-old master chef horrified audiences when he appeared to sever his hand when using a blender to make a fruit salad.

A video circulating online shows how the blender filled with blood as Ramsay screamed and collapsed to the floor in agony.

Frank even said, "Some of you might think this is a joke but not from where I’m sitting."

But that's exactly what the whole thing was -- a joke and a prank meant for Frank.

Ramsay, not usually known for his sense of humour, was highly praised by netizens on social media after the brilliant prank.