Girl watches 'Alien: Covenant' -- thinking it was Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

It would be hard to confuse and Alien: Covenant and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, considering how different they are.

One is a science fiction horror film packed with scares, while the other is a fun superhero blockbuster full of laughs.

However, Imgur user smashcuts' sister managed to somehow get the two mixed up.

She had wanted to watch the Marvel hit, but did not realise that she was actually watching the Ridley Scott movie, until much later when her brother cleared up the confusion.

What's even more amusing was how she had been looking forward to seeing Rocket Raccoon,a feisty character played by Bradley Cooper.

Instead, she said she is now "going to have nightmares for the next month at least" after being traumatised by how "terrifying" and "gross" Alien is.