Girl getting dumped on V-Day shows why you should always treat your server with respect

Bad behaviour is not excusable and a totally legit reason to break up -- which is probably why this girl named Angie deserved it. 

Angie was with her 15 other friends at a restaurant and acted so poorly to a waitress that her boyfriend decided to end things right there and then. 

First, she asked for a drink when the waiter was still taking orders from her friends. 

Afterwards, she even had the decency to blame him for placing an appetiser in front of her when it actually belonged to her friend. 

According to the waitress' Reddit post that was featured on Thought Catalog, the boyfriend was rolling his eyes at her behaviour and kindly told her, "Babe, you did not even order an appetiser."

Her boyfriend, Luis, also apologised to the waitress.

View the gallery above to see how things got from bad to worse.