Girl busts out dance moves on China train -- but commuter next to her is #NotAmused

When you are truly passionate about something, nothing and nobody can stand in your way.

This is especially true for a girl in China, who was filmed practising her dance moves during her commute.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred, but a video uploaded on Facebook shows her being completely immersed in dancing to music from her phone.

With her earphones plugged in, it was as if she was lost in another new world as she busted out various moves in her seat.

Other commuters did not seem to pay her much attention, but the video poked fun at the girl by saying that she was giving the commuter next to her a headache.

The said commuter had her face bent down and one hand covering her face, leading netizens to joke that she was 'facepalming' at the scene beside her.