Girl accidentally texts BF cheating plans, enrages netizens

A 21-year-old man, Jordan McNelly was looking to his day off when he received what was arguably the worst message ever crafted in the annals of history -- a brutal confession by his cheating girlfriend, Zoe which she accidentally texted him. 

Jordan who is from Baltimore, USA, subsequently took to Twitter to post the incriminating text Zoe had send him.

The text read:

“I’m literally so anxious right now…I’ve been seeing this guy behind Jordan’s back and we have really important plans tomorrow.

“Jordan was supposed to be at work and then he texted me and said,’I don’t have to work tomorrow' and I don’t want to let my other guy down.

“I told him and he was like ‘I knew you wouldn’t come' and I feel so bad.

“I’m letting them both down.

“I’m a stupid w***e and I’m so sad.

“I already waxed my entire f**king body to f**k this dude. 


The post has since received over 60k retweets and 260K likes, with netizens reportedly enraged by the casual behaviour of Zoe, reports UNILAD

In a later tweet, the heartbroken man admitted that he did not foresee his girlfriend’s infidelity and that ‘she’s not the brightest.’