Game of Thrones star and UK's tallest man dies of heart failure, aged 36

The actor who played Mag the Mighty in Game of Thrones has died at the age of 36.

He tragically died of heart failure, reports The Lad Bible.

At 2.33 metres, Neil Fingleton was named as Britain's tallest man in 2007 before moving to the USA to play basketball.

After playing basketball professionally all over the world, he started his career in acting.

Apart from starring in Game of Thrones, he also played The Fisher King in Doctor Who and had roles in X-Men: First Class and Jupiter Ascending.

Speaking on his height:

"I've never been embarrassed about my height and I actually like the size I am. It's something unique and original. My group of friends are great and I come from a good family, so being tall hasn't ever been an issue. I've not been self-conscious."