Freakiest accident shows runaway tyre slamming into man in Brazil

Going for a casual stroll is supposed to be good for you. But we bet this guy would disagree.

Roberto Carlos Fernandes was going for a walk in Brazil when a runaway tyre somehow got dislodged from a vehicle travelling on an expressway nearby.

The large tyre careened across a road and smashed into Roberto, hitting him in the head.

The collision left him with fractures to his skull and chest, reports RT.

Though he is now in stable condition, footage reveals how the Brazilian was lucky to escape with his life.

Footage captured from a CCTV camera in a nearby building shows the moment Fernandes was slammed face first into the concrete by the wheel.

In the clip, he can be seen struck on the head from behind, and taking an extremely heavy fall.

As passersby rush to his aid, Fernandes lays prone on the ground.

The woman walking beside Fernandes in the CCTV clip has been identified as his daughter Caroline.