Fight breaks out among medical workers in China -- during ongoing operation

As far as fights go, the hospital is one the last few places you'd expect one to take place.

Well, that's exactly what happened between two medical personnel in an operating room at a hospital in Henan, China, as an operation was going on.

In a video of the incident posted on Shanghaiist, the duo consisting of a male and female staffer can be first seen arguing with each other as a surgeon was working on a patient.

Thereafter, the female medical officer tried of punch her colleague, but missed.

The latter responded by raining a few punches of his own on her face.

The female medical officer fell to the ground, and remained there until the end of the video.

The other medical personnel in the room then intervened and stopped the fight. The surgeon remained where he or she was, possibly to ensure that the patient remained under supervision

It is unclear what led to the altercation.

Police investigations are ongoing.