Fatal invasive fungal infection consumes 28-year-old Vietnamese woman's face

Warning: This story contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sinusitis, more commonly known as sinus infection, is a common condition amongst people and most recover by themselves without seeking medical treatment in a matter of weeks.

However, a 28-year-old Vietnamese woman, Tran Thi Yen Nhung, got her entire face consumed by an invasive fungus after she was diagnosed with a sinus infection three years ago in 2014. 

Apparently Nhung had went to see a doctor after experiencing a pain in her nose, which only worsened over time, reports World of Buzz.

Her family, concerned about her deteriorating conditions forked out more than £180,000 (S$319,049) on medical treatments and prospective cures, but she showed no sign of recovery.

As the final resort, Nhung underwent an operation to amputate the infected flesh.

Unfortunately, the operation only worsened the condition, and the infection soon spread to her whole face.

Within a year, the bacteria had consumed and rotted away nearly all of Nhung’s face, destroying her nose and mouth.

The festering wounds also attracting swarms of flies, and she could hardly see, eat or drink after that. 

Finally, she passed away on Dec 27, 2016. 

Nhung’s aunt, Tran Van Hong said:

“Seeing Nhung in so much pain was heartbreaking. 

“She never stopped hurting. 

“But she was kind and begged her family not to spend anymore money on her treatment. 

“She said she was okay, and asked us not to cry.

“We were looking for treatment, visiting every hospital to find someone to help. 

“Her mind was still very awake, but she could not eat or drink.  

“Our money was depleted and we had borrowed a lot to pay for medical bills. 

“In the end, the disease would not go away.”

What was even more heartbreaking: Nhung had aspired to be an actress and start her own family before the nightmarish infection robbed her of everything, and ultimately killed her. 

According to Dr. Wellington Tichenor from the Center for Allergy-Asthma in New York, her condition was likely caused by an invasive fungus in the sinus which formed fungus balls.

The lack of proper medical treatment also compounded the severity.