Famous 'slapping cure' master Honchi Xiao arrested after 6-year-old participant dies during course

A world renowned Chinese medicine practitioner has been arrested after a six-year-old boy died after seeing him.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the six-year-old from Australia was suffering from diabetes and had been taken to see Xiao Honchi who has been promoting a Chinese medical method that uses slapping to purge the body of waste.

In previous events, he has spoken about how simple hitting and stretching can cure people of hypertension, diabetes and other illnesses.

In 2011, the Taipei City Health Department started an investigation into Xiao's cure.

The said that if he claims his unorthodox method of slapping and hitting is a cure then he has broken the law.

Xiao was arrested when he arrived in the United Kingdom and will be extradited to Australia to be put on trial for manslaughter.