Ew! Underground factory in China exposed for using old, used adult diapers to make new ones

Often, we are encouraged to recycle to save the planet but sometimes, people go too far with it.

An underground factory located in Tancheng county in southern Shandong province, China has been exposed for recycling old, used diapers to make new ones.

Chinese website Iqilu.com posted photos of the raid by local authorities that took place at the factory.

The photos showed piles of torn cotton on the floor of the factory and tall stacks of diapers, all bundled and ready for recycling or packaging.

Not surprisingly, the factory emitted a foul smell. Eww!

The alleged business plan of the factory was to tear apart old adult diapers in order to use the cotton inside to produce new diapers, which they could then package, brand and sell at rock-bottom prices.

The company was exposed after reporters noticed a suspiciously large difference in prices among adult diaper brands.

The raid was part of the yearly festivities marking Consumer Rights Day in China.