Estranged wife attacks husband at his 2nd wedding to younger woman in India

Weddings are supposed to be beautiful and happy affairs -- unless you are marrying another woman while still in wedlock with your 'original' wife.

A video by Ruptly TV shows how a woman gate-crashed her estranged husband's wedding ceremony with a woman who was 18 years his junior in Ludhiana, India on Mar 6.

A caption accompanying the clip stated that according to Rahki, the first wife of Vishal Kumar Sonu, the bridegroom was still married to her and had been for the past 14 years.

Although he claimed not to know her during their scuffle, the woman says she is the mother of their thirteen-year old-child.

However, she had moved to live with her parents as their relationship deteriorated because of financial issues.

In the video, Rahki can be seen angrily storming up to her husband and attacking him, as onlookers tried to separate the two.

She also lashed out at the bride and repeatedly tugged on her hair, as the latter appeared to be on the verge of tears before giving a cry of anguish.

Watch the violent dispute below.