Epic fail: Malaysian girl dashes in front of car in alleged accident scam, driver steers clear

You've seen clips of people running into oncoming vehicles and faking injuries in order to claim compensation from drivers for 'causing the accident'. 

Known as the 'fake accident scam', it seems like the trend has spread to Malaysia. However, those attempting it seem to still have a lot to learn from the professionals. 

According to World Of Buzz, a netizen going by the name of Stef Koh posted a video yesterday (Feb 22) showing a lady hilariously failing to pull off a similar stunt along Jalan Molek 1 in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. 

In the dashcam footage, a lady wearing a white top can be seen standing beside a road hump. As the driver approaches her, she runs into the middle of the road and just stands there. 

Thankfully, Stef was already slowing down for the bump in front of her, leading to an awkward moment for the lady because of the ample space between them.

The driver then just drives around her and continues on her way.