Ella Chen takes cold showers during confinement, netizens call her crazy

Ella Chen, a member of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E group member, gave birth to a baby boy last month and is currently under confinement.

During an event, her good friend Selena Jen (任家萱) revealed that Ella does some crazy things during her confinement but did not reveal more.

On Facebook Ella disclosed that she takes cold showers more than once during confinement due to the hot weather.

Many netizens said that cold showers during confinement will make the body weak.

They also said that Ella is "crazy" and does weird things, report Asian E-news Portal and ON.CC.

Ella expressed her gratitude towards her mother on Mother's Day and that she has been anxious about her from small.

As she is already married and her husband is taking care of her, Ella wished to tell her mother: "Please do not worry and I am good!"