Dramatic Malaysian man goes on rampage, attempts to cut gas hose in restaurant -- over lost phone

A 37-year-old Malaysian man went on a rampage, even attempting to cut the gas hose of a gas cylinder in a restaurant at Kedah, Malaysia on Monday (Feb 27) at around 12.45pm after he lost his phone at said eatery. 

What’s worse, the restaurant was packed and the consequences could have been dire had the leaked gas ignited. 

The man reportedly stormed into the shop wielding a butcher’s knife, rushed to the basin area and started shouting, scaring several customers who were having their meal there, reports The Coverage

The guy then hugged a gas cylinder at the public washing area and attempted to sever the gas hose.

Staff quickly evacuated the customers in view of the man’s crazed antics, while the owner dialled for the police and firefighters. 

The firefighters arrived promptly and subdued the man by spraying him down with a high-pressure hose. 

After the guy collapsed, the firefighter held him down and passed him the police who arrived later. 

According to analysis, the man has no history of medical illness, and there were no traces of drugs in his urine samples either. 

He was just a normal guy who acted out after losing his phone. 

A video of the incident was taken and uploaded online.

Take a look at the video below.