Dramatic is an understatement for goth girl's transformation into human Barbie

A 30-year-old Icelandic model based in Los Angeles, California, underwent a 180-degree change when she decided to go from gothic to Barbie.

According to online reports, Ophelia Vanity now looks like a human doll after spending close to S$50,000 on Botox, fillers and beauty treatments. She also enhances her already larges eye with contact lenses.

Ophelia had her first Botox injections in 2009, in a bid to make her face expressionless like Barbie, whom she idolises. She later moved on to lip fillers to help her attain the latter's trademark pout.

Ophelia, who has also undergone non-surgical rhinoplasty and bleaches her hair every two months, is planning breast and butt implants next. She also wants to remove her ribs so as to achieve a tinier waist.

Despite having over 38,000 followers on Instagram, Ophelia is not immune to hate comments from critics.

Admitting that she does feel hurt, she said, "'I've been called ugly or had people say I'm delusional for wanting to look like Barbie. I always ignore them. I know they just want a rise. If they really hated me, they'd look away."