Dog puts itself in front of moving car to shield cycling child in Thailand

There is a good reason why dogs are often called man's best friend.

For example, the heroic dog seen in this video simply hammers home the saying mentioned above.

In a post shared on UOK’s Facebook page, an incident reportedly took place in Thailand in which the dog’s owner was recording their child cycling around on the road.

The dog can be seen standing nearby, reports World Of Buzz.

The driver of a blue car approaches and wants to turn the corner, which would result in him crashing into the child.

However, before the car driver had the chance to turn the corner, the faithful dog spots the danger and intervenes by putting itself in the way of the vehicle.

Upon seeing this, the driver immediately stops to avoid crashing into the dog.

The post has since gone viral, with netizens praising the dog for his quick thinking and selflessness.

Others were more sceptical about the clip and speculated that it may just be an act.