DJs Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman are here to make radio great again

One FM 91.3 recently unveiled a new video promotion spot for their radio station.

The short video was uploaded to their Facebook page, and starred famous radio names such Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman, amongst others. 

In the pseudo political video, both Glenn and the Dutchman, decked in white shirt and pants appeared to be addressing a crowd of cheering fans from a platform.

Glenn started by thanking the horde for supporting the two of them.

The Dutchman followed, promising ‘better entertainment here on radio in the morning’.

In one of the shots, the Dutchman also kissed a baby -- a cliche move taken from the page one of a politician’s book. 

The two then took to planting a tree, before going on a rally tour on their trusty lorry.

Watch the hilarious video below.