Diving instructor saves shark's life by removing 12-inch knife from its head

When face-to-face with a shark, most people would be more than happy to swim away.

However, one diving instructor saved a shark's life recently while swimming near a reef ini the Cayman Islands, reports Distractify.

Bret Johnson saw a shark with a 12-inch knife sticking out of its head.

While most would be scared to even touch a shark, Bret had not qualms about getting closer.

"Obviously something wasn't right and I moved in for a closer look," he said.

"At that point, the shark turned around and settled right below me as if asking for help."

After Bret removed the knife from the shark, it swam away like nothing had happened.

Bret suspects the shark was a nurse shark, a more docile and slow-moving member of the shark family.

They are an important part of the Cayman Islands ecosystem and anyone caught harming a shark faces up to four years in prison a $500,000 fine.

A representative from the Cayman Brac Beach Resorts said on Facebook that the shark is doing well and was spotted swimming around the same reef.

Watch the amazing moment caught on video below.