Colombian swallows almost $10,000 worth of life savings after argument with cheating husband

A woman in Columbia took things to the extreme by swallowing around USD7,000 (S$9,743) worth of cash after finding out that her husband had been cheating on her.

According to The Coverage, 28-year-old Sandra Milena Almeida planned on leaving her husband and taking their life savings along with her after finding out that he has been having an affair.

This arrangement did not sit well with Sandra's partner, and he tried to negotiate for half of their USD7,000 savings.

The former did not relent, and in the heat of the moment, she swallowed the dollar bills. As a result, she suffered severe abdominal pain and had to be conveyed to hospital.

There, surgeons found many USD100 (S$139) notes in Sandra's stomach. They only managed to recover 57 notes, meaning that Sandra lost about USD1,300 (S$1,800) after her questionable act.

The money was handed over the the police and a judge will decide on how it will be split.