Cocky MMA fighter shows off dance moves to taunt opponent, gets knocked out

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Dance in the ring, get hit by a knee.

While taunting and showboating is an entertaining spectacle, it doesn't always work out in the fighter's favor, as one MMA fighter found out last week.

MMA fighters Joe Harding and John Segas faced off in the British Challenge MMA 18 held in Colchester - Harding's hometown - last Saturday (Feb 18). 

After winning the first two rounds, and with the home crowd behind him, the overconfident Harding decided that it would be a great time to start dishing out some dance moves to taunt his opponent. 

However, in the midst of dancing, Segas saw that he was vulnerable and unleashed his martial arts prowess on Harding with a brutal kick to the head that sent him crashing to the canvas. 

With Harding out cold, Segas then pounces on him and proceeds to rain a flurry of punches before he is stopped by the referee. 

Check out the video below.