Chinese woman installs punch card machine at home to ensure husband 'report' home on time

We all have that workaholic of a friend who never seems to leave the office.

However a Chinese woman decided she had enough of her husband’s late nights at his office and installed a punch card machine at home, reports World of Buzz.

She demanded that her husband ‘reported’ back home by 9pm every night … or face the consequences.

The ingenious woman also came up with an intricate system.

If her husband reached home before 9pm, and dined with her, he would not have to do the dishes.

However, if he missed the 9pm mark by half an hour or more, he would be subjected to a RMB100 fine. 

It was reported that her husband often worked overtime and went home late, prompting his wife to resort to the extreme measure. 

The woman also told a visiting friend:

“If the punch card machine can manage my husband’s working hours, it should also work fine for his non-working hours.”

According to the woman, the situation showed drastic improvement after the system was implemented.

When news of the incident went viral online, many netizens were shocked by the curfew system.

Said one netizen:

“This is too much!

“You’re stripping away his freedom!”

Another netizen commented:

“Hey honey, maybe I should consider implementing  this at our home too?”