Chinese woman caught stealing e-scooter shamed with sign that reads 'I am a thief'

When a lady was caught stealing in Sichuan, China, she was arrested and a placard reading “I am a thief” placed around her neck.

According to NetEase, the woman had been spotted trying to steal an e-scooter in Nanchong City last Wednesday (Feb 15). Neighbourhood security held her until police arrived.

Photos of the incident show the woman, in her 40s, wearing a placard that reads “I am a thief” in Chinese. It is unclear who placed the placard there.

Legal experts in China expressed outrage at the public humiliation, saying that even if one is caught red-handed, they should still be given a chance to explain themselves in court.

Last month, a rat was tied up and publicly shamed for allegedly stealing rice at a convenience store in China.