Chinese tourist runs into Thai conmen, allegedly gets cheated S$1.6K from accident scam

A Chinese tourist from Sichuan recently ran into a group of conmen in Thailand on Mar 7, who allegedly staged a fake accident and extorted about THB 30,000 (S$1,200) from her. 

The group claimed that despite the ‘victim’ being unscathed from the incident, he had demanded a payment of THB 42,000 (S$1,680) from them, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The tourist further claimed that the local police and hotel security had sided with the conmen instead, threatening to impound their passports if they did not pay the sum. 

Said the tourist:

“This is just blatant bullying!”

The tourist reportedly visited the Ko Samui island in Thailand with three friends on Mar 7, where they hopped on motorcycles that took them to their hotel.

They were opposite the hotel, when a male motorcyclist and his female passenger suddenly rode towards them at high speed and braked suddenly. 

The couple fell to the ground, while the hotel security gestured for the tourist and her companions to enter the hotel.

After checking that the couple were alright, the tourists checked into the hotel. 

On the following noon, their local guide suddenly claimed that they had caused an accident and were to report to a police station for investigation. 

When the tourists reached the station, they found the male rider who had fallen from his bike in front of them the day before, who accused them of colliding into him, and asked for a compensation settlement of THB 42,000, of which THB 7,000 would go towards repairing his damaged motorbike and the rest towards his damaged laptop. 

The tourist felt that his claim was absurd, citing that his motorbike was not damaged in the slightest and moreover, they was no accident. 

They also alleged that the man was not carrying a laptop with him at the time of the ‘accident’, and suspected that it was a scam, in which both hotel security conspired with the conmen.

The tourist said that the police took down their statement, but sided with the conmen instead. 

In the end, the tourists agreed to fork out THB 30,000 to resolve the matter.