Chinese men's faces left 'blackened' after mahjong table explodes in parlour

An explosion from a mahjong table in a parlour at Wugang city, Hunan, China turned the faces of four men black.

The incident happened last Wednesday (Mar 1) at around 11am, when a loud roar echoed through the vicinity when the table exploded. 

Witnesses reported that they saw mahjong tiles flying and the scene was in a mess.

So far the cause of the explosion has not been confirmed, but initial investigations revealed that the explosion was not from the automatic table itself, suggesting that there were some sort of flammable liquid or object stashed away and ignited by cigarette butts, reports World of Buzz

Five people were injured in the incident, with the faces of the four who were seated at the table turning black from the blast.

The victims were conveyed to a hospital for treatment.

While they were receiving treatment, two of the victims even took the effort to post a selfie on their social media accounts.