Chinese man becomes taxi driver to search for daughter who disappeared 23 years ago

Wang Qingming from Chengdu, China has been searching for his daughter ever since she went missing at a busy market 23 years ago.

The man turned to driving for a private Chinese car-hailing platform, Didi Chuxing, in hopes that one of his passengers would turn out to be his daughter, reported China Daily. He has picked up close to 5000 passengers ever since he started driving two years ago.

Every time a passenger boards his car, he would show them a card with the details about his lost daughter, and tell them his story.

Mr Wang and his wife had brought their four-year-old daughter along with them to a street in Chengdu on January 8, 1994, where they sold vegetables for a living.

Occupied with attending to customers, they lost sight of their daughter and only realised she was missing a while later.

They immediately enlisted their friends and family to look out for their missing daughter at various train and bus stations across Chengdu, and also reported the disappearance to the police.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the disappearance of their daughter took its toll on the couple, and they almost divorced.

From then on, Mr Wang has been searching relentlessly for his daughter. Besides regularly checking in at the police station and child welfare centre, he also looks through official reports of missing persons and newspaper articles.

Mr Wang said:

“We must find our daughter.

“Even if we can only catch a glimpse of her, we will only be at peace if we know that she is doing well.”