Chinese fortune teller stabbed to death by man who was unhappy with predicted future

An 87-year-old fortune teller was stabbed to death in Yunan, China, on Wednesday (May 17) by a man who was unhappy over his predicted future, reported Sin Chew.

The deceased fortune teller named Toh provided fortune telling services at a wet market in the Yongping county, and the 39-year-old suspect was one of his customers.

It was reported that at around 1.50pm on Wednesday, the suspect returned to the wet market to look for Toh because his predicted future was far from satisfactory. The man, who was reported to be drunk, took out a knife and started attacking Toh and a 73-year-old man who was with him.

An eyewitness said:

"I was eating noodles at the entrance of the wet market when I saw a murder happening nearby. Two men were attacked and killed."

Onlookers called the police and they apprehended the suspect upon arriving at the scene. Toh and his companion were pronounced dead at the scene.