Chinese deliverymen save child after woman loses control of pram on escalator

A woman in Hubei was pushing a child up an escalator in a pram when she lost control of it.

In a video posted on Chinese social media, the woman can be seen pushing a pram up the escalator in an unnamed shopping centre. However, she is unable to support the weight of the pram and the pram topples backwards. The woman also falls over as well.

Luckily, two deliverymen who were nearby rushed to the woman’s aid.

One of them said:

“At the time, I had just picked up an order from a restaurant when I realised a mother pushing a pram up the escalator had lost her balance.

“I wasn’t thinking of anything else besides wanting to help her.

“I dropped the orders I was carrying and ran to pick up the child.”

The other, who stopped the escalator, said:

“I heard a loud clattering sound.

“I quickly ran over and shut down the escalator, before I helped (the woman) up.”

Other passers-by also stopped to help.

According to the Weibo post by, both the woman and the child were unharmed.

Although the deliverymen dropped the orders that they were delivering, they said being able to help the woman was a worthwhile trade-off.