Chinese couple pay only $10 for their wedding convoy by using shared bikes instead of luxury cars

We have read all about the extravagant weddings couples throw themselves that most often that not include luxury cars like Lamborghinis and Maseratis to make their grand entrance.

A young Chinese couple decided to buck the trend and decided to bike to their wedding instead.

According to Shanghaiist, a 28-year-old groom and his 26-year-old bride rented bicycles through one of China's bike-sharing services along with 50 of their closest friends and family to ride to their reception at a local hotel in Zhengzhou.

The bride's bicycle was decorated with flowers and featured a red heart baloon to add some flair to their unusual choice of transport.

The couple are college sweethearts who moved to Zhengzhou after graduating.

As they are only just starting their careers, they realised they could not afford to throw an ostentatious wedding which is quickly becoming the norm in China.

We think that this is incredibly cute.

Would you consider doing this for your wedding?