Chinese couple forces 8-year-old daughter to act as 'meat shield' in staged accident scams

A heartless couple in Guangdong, China recently made headlines after it was discovered that they were exploiting their 8-year-old daughter as a ‘meat shield’ for accident scams.

The young girl would be forced to dash out onto busy roads and act as if she had been hit by victims’ cars, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The crooked duo were arrested by the police yesterday (Mar 13), and the female suspect even took off her pants in front of officers and accused them of molesting in a bid to escape.

Investigations revealed that the girl was the birth daughter of the male suspect and his ex-wife, and had been at the mercy of the pair for years, often running the risk of getting into actual accidents with the reckless deeds. 

It was reported that the money earned from scamming victims would go to the couple and the girl would only receive food.

If the girl did not comply, she would be beaten. 

The couple had been particularly active between Feb 3 and March this year, with the little girl being spotted several times at busy streets in the city of Huizhou. 

The little girl would dash out onto the roads just a victim's car was slowing down and making a turn, pretending to be injured. 

However, there were occasions that the girl sustained injuries when drivers were not able to stop in time.

On Mar 3, she repeated the scam as per usual on a private family vehicle, but the driver was able to stop in time just before colliding with the girl.

It was then the couple showed up and demanded payment from the driver, prompting him to call the cops instead.

Despite the presence of police officers on the scene, the couple would not yield, lying on the road in front of the car to bar it from leaving. 

After failing to persuade them, the police officers decided to bring the couple back to a police station for investigation. 

Upon reaching the station, the couple started screaming and shouting at the officers.

The female suspect even took off her pants and accused the officers of molesting her. 

Fortunately, the actions of the pair were captured by a CCTV.

The police has detained the pair on charges of cheating, and the young girl has been sent to a welfare home.