Chinese bodybuilder subdues man trying to break into cockpit on Beijing-bound plane

A Chinese passenger made headlines this week for helping to subdue a crazed man who attempted to break into the cockpit on a flight bound for Beijing on Saturday (Mar 18). 

The unnamed man pounded the door with his hands and kicked it with his feet, in an attempt to open the cockpit door onboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight, Shanghaiist reported. 

The incident terrified the 200 passengers and crew members onboard the plane, but it didn't faze Cao Hongguo, a bodybuilder, who confronted the man and wrestled him to the ground.    

Together with the flight captain, they spent around half an hour trying to tie the hysterical man's arms behind his back, but to no avail. They eventually managed to secure his arms together using headphone cables donated by passengers.  

The plane was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in Lahore, Pakistan, where the man was taken into custody. 

It was later reported that the man was suicidal because he had lost his job, and wanted to take everyone else down with him by crashing the plane.