China's five-year-old dance instructor will boogie her way into your heart

China's new dance instructor, an adorable five-year-old girl from Chongqing, can shimmy better than you.

Dailan Jingyi, a kindergartener, has been leading the square dancers in Chongqing's Shapingba district since last Novemeber, according to Xinhua via South China Morning Post

It was reported that she started learning square dance only in September last year, but she picked up the moves very quickly.

The district's lead square dancer, Hong Shuangshaung, a woman in her forties, spotted Dailan's talent for dancing and personally trained her before letting the girl join her in leading square dances.

The adorable girl now shimmies to more than 20 songs for an hour and a half every evening, if the weather permits. She practices by herself at home on rainy days, her mother told reporters.

Netizens who saw videos of her dancing on social media praised her skill.

One netizen said: 

"This girl has excellent body coordination."

Another said, "She is going to be a leading figure in the future of China's square dance."